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Friday, 7 December 2012

Begin again :D

Hayyy you know what? My chemical exam is easier than I thought. Fuhh, I did it pretty well! 
Thanks Allah :*
And my love life, I think I watched it begin again :D now playing : Taylor Swift - Begin again
Aaaaaa I can't stop think about him lalala
Okay, maybe this is only puppy love...
Even I still have a great feeling for my senior in science class. But, I don't know what I feel now.
It's getting too seldom to see that guy :( :( :(
The guy who stay in science class. Okay I know, he's got an examination like me. And he enters a different class now. Maybe in ten-ten or ten-eleven or ten-nine I don't know.
Aaa I miss him
*great I'm over react*
*biiiing -____-*
So forget about it now, I want to share story about the guy in social class. Yes my senior.
So yesterday, I took his temporarily examination card home he he :D Well, he left it.
And I wonder if that card's still be used, so I'm gonna bring it again this morning.
And I think about it again, it seems so not cool if I just gave it to him without saying anything, it feels strange =))
My ideas were flying to my brain and I had a plan huahaha
I wrote some message in that card ha ha ha :D and I put it on his table this morning just wishing if he sees it :')
And guess whaaattt?
I asked my friend about that card, and he said that guy reads it
Now butterflies are flying in my stomach
And I asked him again, "And what about the card?"
"He keeps it on his table."
*blushing* "At least he didn't throw it. hihi."
So I can't stop smiling thinking about his expression when he read my message hehe.

So I checked his table when he's already gone home. And it wasn't there hahaha
My besties sais maybe he took it home. Aaaa I hope so!
Just keep praying for him and for someone in science class.
I hope I could see you later Yer
*ups, I almost say his name*
*Rolling on the floor*
Okay I'm crazy now.

Better I'm off now. I have to study geography, English and Japanese.
Tomorrow I have to do three examinations! What a great day :')
*keep my tears falling*
Ah I have to enjoy it! Beside I will meet him again tomorrow!
(Maybe I'm kinda like this when I did my physics test)

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