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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Glasses? no prob ^^

Got a news guuuys! :D
Huehehe I've got an exam now, for a week! Yeah, my brain is full with some subjects and numbers, and words, and his face


I thought I could be as cute as this anime at my exam but the reality is....

Maybe I screwed it up -_________-
Well, in my Indonesian subject, I didn't really take it so hard so maybe I'd have a good score (I hope so)
But in physics.... no no no

Not really good-_- God, I want to take a science class in my second year... but, aaaaa I've failed in my physics test. It's kinda a no. Not good.
In my history, sociology, and another subject, I don't know what's gonna happen to them. Maybe I'd have an average score. My parents would be so disappointed-_-
 No I don't want to make them sad. Wow it's horrible. I hope my chemical test tomorrow will be succed. Wish I was clever enough to do my exam well. Okay, I think I have to learn more tonight!
Now, I will tell you why I title my post with : glasses? no prob
The reason is.... hahaha no I'm just thinking about someone. My senior. He's taking a social class, well he's cute I think. Kinda.
He wear a glasses, and I love it!
My friend said he's a nice guy, and clever. Yes! Give him applause now *clapping*
Okay, but of course I still like my senior in science class. The one whose great attitude. Yes, he is :) *blushing*
I don't know, I can't reach him but... I enjoy loving him. Although he didn't know me :D
Now I have to learn my chemical! Wish me luck! and good luck for anybody's who got an exam this week! Bye! Sayonara~

Have a good good and sound sleep :)

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