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Monday, 10 December 2012

I'm your secret admirer

Hay guys :)
let me scream first...
*be right back*
:( :( :(
I don't... i don't know what I feel right now. It's a mess god, I want to read his reply :( but the paper is not there.
Why? I look for it everywhere but I can't find it. Hiks... Padahal katanya balesannya itu bagus. Ya ampun kemana ya? Kenapa udah dibales tapi gaada? Aku galau :(
Padahal aku pingin megang kertas yang udah ditulis dia. Kenapa ilaaang? :(
Aku lemes...
Ah I hope you'll know that I'm your secret admirer, but I'm sorry if I wasn't like what you expected before. Sorry :)
But I'm happy I can talk to you with letters. Well tomorrow is the last day. I'm sad really. But... Yah what can I do?
Now I'll write my last letter for you :) a long one hehe. Well I'm gonna miss you, really.
Goodbye and keep fighting ka :D

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