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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Letters to Romeo

Hey guys how's your day? :)
Well today I'm gonna write something, and the title is Letter to Romeo. Wihihi, this is my last day for examination :) I've done it, what a relieve...
I hope my scores for each subject is good. Aamiin. The key is I've done my best so...yeah, we'll see about that later.
And I sent my last letter  to him *you know whom I mean*
Yeaaa! it's a long one. Wonder if he finds me.... but he won't. I believe it. wkwkwk
In the letter I tell him about what I do for three days, I mean for four days. Going to school early and come in when there's nobody inside. It's kinda creepy, you know...
But it's worthed... right? My last day to see him aaaaaa I miss him now. *crazy*
He wears a glasses, a black one and I love it every time he wears it.  Although he didn't even know me, I'm happy. Satisfied with what I do. I was brave enough to sent him letters hahaha. God, what if he finds me? And what if he knows that I wrote about him in this blog *well, It's my fault. Though*
Ah beside, after this I will disappear. He's only can see me in mosque. Yah, however it's gonna happen if he wants to. And I don't know he wanted to go to mosque or not. I hope so!
May there's a miracle happen, aamiin. I hope so...
And I met my senior from science class, he's charming everyday. wah, It's been a long time since I saw him last time. I hope Allah give me a feelings for him again. I enjoy loving him. He leads me to the right way....
Well that's all what I can say. I hope I'm not doin' a stupid things. I hope he (social) likes my letter. Aamiin :)
(Although I can't read what he replied)

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