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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Love letter~

hey hey guys! Konbanwaaaa :)
Today I feel very happy, okay my story is still be continued about my senior in social class.
Well, today I want to write in three languages, besides there's too much too express and my English words are limited huehehe.
So this morning I sent him a message. Well I wrote it on a piece of yellow paper. Pokoknya intinya I'm just cheer him up, aku cuma nyemangatin dia biar sukses ujian wkwk
Although I didn't gave t directly hehe. I put it under his chair. And when he was going to put his bag on his chair. He got my message :D

Aku gaberani liat lah aslinya. Jadi aku suruh temen aku memantau dia apa udah baca apa belum :)
S : Fin dibaca dong
F : hah? aaa liatin ma liatin
And my heart is beating fast God, it's been a long time since I feel like in the air :')
Then, I'm just reading my text book (well, I'm gonna do the geography test) And my friend, she's come after me and smiling.
F : Gimana ma?
S : Udah dibaca fiiin
F : Seriusan dibaca?
S : Iyaaa
F : gimana bacanya?
*dijelaskan oleh salma*
Jeng jeng....
I feel so happy because he read my letter and he didn't throw it :""
Aaaaaa can I jump now?
-____________________- silly
Well, namanya juga cewe kalau lagi fall in love ya begini.
Dan katanya si cowo itu cerita ke sahabat cewenya dan untungnya pake jilbab itu ya, terhindar dari tuduhan jadi aku gaketauan =)))))
And the best part is...........
When I have already wanted to go home, my friends just ran to me and smiling.
Waw, something happen. I thought.
And yes, something's happen...
He wrote the reply under my letter!
*be right back, yelling and run around the world*
Ah I've never expected that he would give me a reply. Well, it just thanks and smile emoticon, but........ It means a lot for me. I can't stop smiling right now~
Waaaa aku gasabar ingin cepat cepat senin, jadi bisa tulis lagi hihi. 

Thanks for today Allah :-*
Alhamdulillah :)
Yeaaayyyy! *jumping*

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