Read, and recognize me. Because, I'm not that easy to be known.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

x factor INDONESIA

Hay guys ceritanya gue mau cerita soal x factor yang beberapa menit yang lalu gue tonton. Tapi berhubung sigue ngantuk sleepy sleepy tambah pusing, jadi besok aja ya ._.
Kita bahas soal si ganteng nan imut MIKHA ANGELO dan suara mantap nya Fatin Shidqia Lubis. Paah lah gue speechless ngedenger mereka berdua. Intinya kisah selanjutnya gue ceritain nanti. Sekarang gue mau tidur wkwkwk

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

It's all because of sungha jung ssi~

Hey guys! Today I don't have anything that I have to share. I mean, today wasn't a special day~
But, the good thing is : I realized that maybe I fall in love with sungha jung ._. *poker face*
No....really. I mean it >_< I didn't feel so alone when I think about him. Ah I don't know, I like his videos, his personality, and if I met him first before he's going to be famous, I think I'll fall in love with him.
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ I'm crazy
It's impossible to reach an extraordinary Korean boy like him -_- I'm just an ordinary girl who had my own world. Freak. A little bit weird. Careless. Clumsy. Sometimes I'm slow minded -_-. Now I'm in love with sungha jung? Great, it's a trouble -_-
Yah, but that's had its own benefits. I don't have to fall in love with somebody else again~ I won't break my heart hahahaha (simple minded) great, I'm crazy.
I'll fight for you sungha jung ssi! *\^o^/*
Hwaiting! Hwaiting! Hwaiting! Sungha ssi, hwating! :')

Monday, 7 January 2013

Be grateful~

Hey guys, I'm at my room now preparing to go to bed.
Now, my mind think about something sensitive.
'Be grateful'
I think about this often. Like, I envy with my friends who had their life easy. Go to favorite school, from rich family, have everything that I wanted, have some good friends, big house, easy to have relation... yah, some things that I don't have.
I mean, I came from a favorite junior high school, now I dumped out from my environment. My safe place. Located in some place that I've never thought before. No one's from my ex junior high school go to same high school as I am. Really. Sometimes I feel, life's not fair.
I'm not a stupid girl when I was in junior high school. But why... ah never mind. I always trying to be grateful about this. Try to believe that Allah will give me the best thing I deserve to have in Allah's eyes. Allah has plans for me, and I know I'll be success with my own way. Maybe my way didn't really easy. Of course. I have to work harder so that I can be seen in this world against 7 billion people. It feels so impossible-_-
Well, I'm just cheering up myself -_- HAHA
Really, I might look so cheerful, but the truth is... I feel so lonely. Feel so small. Pessimist. Haunted by something that I couldn't understand : I'm afraid to fall again. Not fall in love. I mean fall when I walk trough my journey in this world. I feel like, my friends in my old school's getting far day by day. I can't reach them. I feel like I'm not proper to be their friend again. I always scared that they didn't want to be my friend anymore :( Poor me. Someone who chased after me, who tried to get my attention for this whole time, had already disappeared. I feel like, I'm alone. No, I feel so lonely. No one can understand what I'm feeling. I can't be free. Great, now my tears started to fall...
Why my life's become so hard? Why I'm not lucky as my friends? Why I have to fight in this world alone?
No one can stand beside me. Cheer me up. Tell me that everything's will be alright. No. I'm alone. That's why I love writing. Write everything that I feel. Especially when I'm drop. Drowning and drowning.
Writing always make me better. I set my mind to believe. Believe that, there's someone who read all my story and be ready to hear all  the things that I want to write. Believe that someday, I won't feel lonely anymore. Believe that someday, everything will be beautiful in its way.
Yes, I'm a dream girl. I live in my own world. And in my world, I pretend that everything that I wanted is exist. That makes me calm. But still, I need a real friend.
You know what, sometimes I feel so yah, you know live in my own world. There' no one whom I ask to come to my world yet. I haven't meet someone who can accepts me as the real me. I don't have to be pretending and being fake. The only thing that I have to do is BEING ME.
I need someone who makes me wants to tell about this. Yah, I need his/her back so I can cry on their back. Then he/she will tell me that I'll be okay. They will tell me that I'm not alone. They will tell me that they'll always be there to support me.
Even if the distance makes any supporting things impossible.
But, I don't know if there's anybody who can accept me the way I am.
An ignorance girl, careful but careless, weird, crazy, never showed up what I really felt, can't be touched, and so on. I'm not beautiful as an artist but, I have my own unique. I mean, yeah I wait for someone who knows me through the books that I write, through everything that I write, and loves everything that I write.
It's all about writing. When I'm writing, I'm just me. That myself.
Well, the conclusion is... I relieve after I write everything that annoys me. I have to be gratefully from now. Believe in Allah. That's the key.
Thank you for reading! :)

Back to nature._.

Way way heeyyy guys, I'm at a mosque in my school now :D feeling empty again, never know I should happy or not because I'm back to daily routine again. Wake up in the morning, go to bath, going to school, go home, then write. Well, I can't reach my target to finish my novel -_- I don't have any time (Busy girl -_-)
Haaaaa.....I'm tired. You know what I was being reminded about artubi. Yes him-_- No, I don't meet him and I don't want to~
Waayyyyy I don't know, I will keep my heart for falling now. Still afraid to have that feeling, I'm not ready yet.
So, I'm in love with sungha jung... *so what* haaaaa he's so so charming!
Okay, now I'm at the library of my school. Sitting on the chair with my best friends, muthia. Well, I found some good books here--some books tell me about religion. I mean, Islam. And you know, they're so good!
I found a comic too. Ah, I envy the story in manga. I mean, it's always perfect, sweet, and romantic. The boys character in manga are handsome too~ what a life (this is what I'm trying to say)
Great. I'm dreaming again.
I thought about something after I read a book. About life's plan and things about confident.
Ha, it's not a great day anyway. But I'm happy, there's no lesson today~ we are free from subjects iyeeee~
So that's it, I want to download another sungha jung's videos wihiiiiiiiiiiiiii ^o^

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Dolphins and wave! yay~

Hey guys, it's almost midnight and I haven't sleep yet. I'm sleepy but I want to write about some things that could make me feel comfortable.
I love music, fashion, and arts.... but after I've spent three days of my holiday in the sea, I realized that sea makes me feel sooooo calm and peace.
The waves, sound of bird, the light of sun, I love them!
It feels like, my burden on the back is gone. Drowning like the sea drowns some died fish.
But, unfortunately I didn't meet any dolphins :(
I love dolphins so much since I was a kid. I always wanted to adopt a dolphin, maybe a couple of dolphins. It must be cute!
I really want to swim with them, swimming around the sea and I hold its fin. Wow, that must be great! I should write novel about a friendship between dolphin and human!
Aaaa I want to have a house near the beach, but I'm scared...it's too mainstream.
Yaaaaa, I will go to another sea next holiday. Maybe if I get college in Australia, I'm gonna visit the great barrier reef. Can't wait! Wish I could go to Aussie and go to college there. I planned to go to Melbourne, my father wants me to have a college there. He said that in Melbourne, I could meet a lot of Indonesian, so I won't feel lonely. And he said, if I take Aussie as my college, he can visit me oftener than if I take college in Europe. Well, my dream's country is Germany and England, but Melbourne-- it's not bad. I mean, their language is kinda likes UK people hahaha, and its under UK too.
Beside, if my novel can give me a lot of money, I'll take my family go to Mecca first, and then Korea (must), then Europe :)
So the conclusion is......................I will finish my high school in this school, I won't move now (change the plan) then go to Aussie. I wish I could make my parents proud of me and I can adopt a couple of dolphin :)

sungha and more sungha!

Hey guys! It's been a long time since my last post! But today, I wanna write about sungha jung, my favorite finger style guitarist!
Have you known him already? Oh, you should know about him. Really, you have to ._.
Well, I'm gonna tell you a little thing about him.
Name : Seongha Jeoung (Sungha Jung)
Born : 2nd of September, 1996
Official website : www.sunghajung.com
He's a finger style guitarist acoustic who had been known from youtube. Active since 8th of September 2001 until now.
Aaaaaa he was born in South Korea. Pointy nose, white skin, slanted eyes. Great, he's an original Korean boy.
(he's wearing a blangkon :') looks great, sungha!)

I don't know if he wants to come back to Indonesia again, because I really want to see him with my both eyes._. I passed his concert because of something that happened without have a permission-_- Well, maybe someday I will meet him, aamiin. Keep wishing! (crossed finger)
And more info : I don't know the truth but I heard he didn't have any girlfriend now. He's single! But, still...I don't know exactly. Hem, I hope I could be like him. I mean, a guitar's god in 10 years old? Isn't that amazing? Yeaaaaaaa, I love sungha jung!