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Monday, 7 January 2013

Back to nature._.

Way way heeyyy guys, I'm at a mosque in my school now :D feeling empty again, never know I should happy or not because I'm back to daily routine again. Wake up in the morning, go to bath, going to school, go home, then write. Well, I can't reach my target to finish my novel -_- I don't have any time (Busy girl -_-)
Haaaaa.....I'm tired. You know what I was being reminded about artubi. Yes him-_- No, I don't meet him and I don't want to~
Waayyyyy I don't know, I will keep my heart for falling now. Still afraid to have that feeling, I'm not ready yet.
So, I'm in love with sungha jung... *so what* haaaaa he's so so charming!
Okay, now I'm at the library of my school. Sitting on the chair with my best friends, muthia. Well, I found some good books here--some books tell me about religion. I mean, Islam. And you know, they're so good!
I found a comic too. Ah, I envy the story in manga. I mean, it's always perfect, sweet, and romantic. The boys character in manga are handsome too~ what a life (this is what I'm trying to say)
Great. I'm dreaming again.
I thought about something after I read a book. About life's plan and things about confident.
Ha, it's not a great day anyway. But I'm happy, there's no lesson today~ we are free from subjects iyeeee~
So that's it, I want to download another sungha jung's videos wihiiiiiiiiiiiiii ^o^

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