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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Dolphins and wave! yay~

Hey guys, it's almost midnight and I haven't sleep yet. I'm sleepy but I want to write about some things that could make me feel comfortable.
I love music, fashion, and arts.... but after I've spent three days of my holiday in the sea, I realized that sea makes me feel sooooo calm and peace.
The waves, sound of bird, the light of sun, I love them!
It feels like, my burden on the back is gone. Drowning like the sea drowns some died fish.
But, unfortunately I didn't meet any dolphins :(
I love dolphins so much since I was a kid. I always wanted to adopt a dolphin, maybe a couple of dolphins. It must be cute!
I really want to swim with them, swimming around the sea and I hold its fin. Wow, that must be great! I should write novel about a friendship between dolphin and human!
Aaaa I want to have a house near the beach, but I'm scared...it's too mainstream.
Yaaaaa, I will go to another sea next holiday. Maybe if I get college in Australia, I'm gonna visit the great barrier reef. Can't wait! Wish I could go to Aussie and go to college there. I planned to go to Melbourne, my father wants me to have a college there. He said that in Melbourne, I could meet a lot of Indonesian, so I won't feel lonely. And he said, if I take Aussie as my college, he can visit me oftener than if I take college in Europe. Well, my dream's country is Germany and England, but Melbourne-- it's not bad. I mean, their language is kinda likes UK people hahaha, and its under UK too.
Beside, if my novel can give me a lot of money, I'll take my family go to Mecca first, and then Korea (must), then Europe :)
So the conclusion is......................I will finish my high school in this school, I won't move now (change the plan) then go to Aussie. I wish I could make my parents proud of me and I can adopt a couple of dolphin :)

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