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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

It's all because of sungha jung ssi~

Hey guys! Today I don't have anything that I have to share. I mean, today wasn't a special day~
But, the good thing is : I realized that maybe I fall in love with sungha jung ._. *poker face*
No....really. I mean it >_< I didn't feel so alone when I think about him. Ah I don't know, I like his videos, his personality, and if I met him first before he's going to be famous, I think I'll fall in love with him.
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ I'm crazy
It's impossible to reach an extraordinary Korean boy like him -_- I'm just an ordinary girl who had my own world. Freak. A little bit weird. Careless. Clumsy. Sometimes I'm slow minded -_-. Now I'm in love with sungha jung? Great, it's a trouble -_-
Yah, but that's had its own benefits. I don't have to fall in love with somebody else again~ I won't break my heart hahahaha (simple minded) great, I'm crazy.
I'll fight for you sungha jung ssi! *\^o^/*
Hwaiting! Hwaiting! Hwaiting! Sungha ssi, hwating! :')

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