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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Basic in Moving On

One word. One memory. One promise. One name. Can change your mind.

It’s silly when you thought that everything’s over. It’s stupid when you thought you’ve already over him (or her). It’s ridiculous when you thought you’re ready to move out and start a new story.
But you still check his (or her) status for no reason. Pickin’ up the phone and start to wondering why he (or her) didn’t call. Thinking of him (or her) when you’re in bath room then it leads you to go to the past. Reaching him (or her) even though you know he (or her) is not there. Imagine how he (or her) would feel when you’re gone. Thinking about everything that make you two laugh.

It’s not over yet.

Life is about learning. Not forgetting.

Every person that you meet. Every person that you love. Every person that you hate...are come for a reason. Everything’s happen for a reason. Of course and no doubt.

If your heart tells you that you have to forget him (or her). You will. Believe me, you will.

It takes time. Yes. But you have to be patient, you’ll be fine. All is going to be fine.

Don’t you ever think that you can’t live without someone. YOU CAN. You just don’t try. It’s silly, and sweet...but you’ll laugh when someday you realized that you can live without ‘that’ someone.

Moving on is not forgetting. It teaches you how to letting go of someone you need.  Learn from it.

And every process needs time. It goes to the based. Let's back to your purpose. If you believe and have faith that you will reach the finish line, you will.

Just wait and keep walking, or running. Whatever you want.

Don't forget. It needs time.

Don't give up because you think it takes too long. Just give yourself faith from yourself too. All is going to be fine.

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