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Thursday, 31 July 2014

If I Were Palestinian

A blinding flash of white light
Lit up the sky over Gaza tonight
People running for cover
Not knowing whether they’re dead or alive

Dear everyone who read this 16th-year-old girl’s letter.
I hope you’ll open your own eyes and mind. Because, something’s wrong in this our ‘peace’ world. Invasion.  Genocide. Racism. Blind government. Blind world.
Or maybe, we’re the one who were blind.
A blinding flash of white light. Everyone include us will close our eyes whenever that flash come through our face, and not even a second that light will fade as we open those eyes again. But, for this people. That blind flash light never gone. Let’s try to keep in mind that the people I mention now is us. How could it be like? Can we face it? Can we hold the pain?
Close your eyes. Everyone out there, teens like us, the elder, child, adult, young adult, even baby and toddlers try to hold their tears and keep telling themselves everything will be fine. Bombs are everywhere. Sound of explosions and orange burn light colored their windows and houses. What? You don’t get it? Then just imagine that around your house, everything you see is burn building, burn houses and plants, burn…burn…burn.
Palestine. The promised land. It’s located hundred miles away from where I belong now. But, however…I can hear their sound screaming while the explosions’ sound were heard. I can feel their sadness to see their lovers and children were killed by the missiles and guns out there. The broken hearted faces can tell you how their feeling right there. I still don’t get it why do everyone close their eyes and try to hide the truth of Gaza’s under attack? Why do everyone who have the powers to change that thing, just pretend they see nothing?
“Gaza? Yeah, I know.” And they left.
“Really? They attacking them again? Oh, well.” And they left.
The most pathetic people I’ve ever met is they who don’t care about anything at all. Especially when people around the world are screamin’ or even shouting the right for the humanity problem. Are they blind? Are the people in this world blind? If I asked them, their answer is no. So why can’t you see them crying even the sadness are there in front of you?
Peacemaker. Hah. Such a bullshit out from that powered mouths. Why do the peacemaker just being a statue whenever we asked about that Gaza’s problem? Whenever we asked for solution in that problem? Why do they pretend like they’re innocent? From my point of view, the people who closed their eyes are the worst. They’re the real evil, after the attacker of course.
They kill women and child. Child. Haha, are they have any problem with that attacker so they lock their missiles into them? They’re kids! Ya Allah, they even not standing in this world for a long time yet. Why…they’re insane. They put their brain in that stupid gun. That’s’ why.
I can’t sleep thinking about the people in Gaza who fight for this whole time. I can’t sleep when I knew that they can’t sleep well because of that explosions and screams. I can’t sleep thinking about who’ll be killed, who’ll be injured, who’ll lose their family and friends. I can’t sleep because I wonder if that evil thing happen to me. I’m not strong enough as the child and toddlers out there.
It’s like counting your days of life. How many days left until it’s your time to go and face Allah the greatest.  How many times left to see your family’s smiles. How many times left to count your happiness because you’re safe today. I can’t imagine to live that way. I really do.
The only thing that keep waving on my mind is this statement. If I were Palestinian.
I wouldn’t write this letter, maybe. I might be in the hospital or waiting in the line to see the end of my life. I’d see my-dead-friends body everywhere. I couldn’t hear any good music anymore. Even, playing on that burn woods will make me happy.
That’ll be a rough life. I know.
The feeling of being nothing when I know that my brothers and sisters in Gaza are being attacked, it always haunts me. I can’t stop holding my tears every time I hear Michael Heart – We Will Not Go Down song. Don’t know…I was so sad because I do nothing for them. I can’t send that child good clothes for the Eid yesterday. I hold my tears when I saw a little girl and boy smiling wearing their new clothes and say, “Terima kasih, Indonesia.” I do nothing and still they thank us as the name of Indonesia.
Because of my age and position, I can’t send a big help for them. I can’t see their smiles yet. I really do hope that I will be the person that I wanted. I hope, my help later won’t be too late for them. I love them. I love Gaza. I love Palestine. I love all muslim in the world. They’re my family too. That’s why I can’t keep my eyes off them.
But for you who have already send them some help, I envy you. You share your happiness with them. You make a hundred or maybe a thousand people there smile because of you. That’s the happiness of life. I really want to taste it. Someday, I will help too. No, I must.
Muslim around the world are now unite. I can’t stop smiling to see my brothers and sisters out there fight for Gaza. They’re great. It just keep telling me that Islam is wide. Spreading in this world. The bond that we have, motivates me to find a better way to join. Knowing that they won’t stop fighting for the free of Gaza, that makes me quite happy. We’re moving, though.
So, for everyone who read this latest post by me. Whoever you are, I hope you’ll understand and get what I mean. We’re not alone. We can’t see our mankind being killed right away. Just like people say, you don’t have to be a muslim to care about Gaza. This is not about religion anymore. This is about humanity.  Let’s spread love no matter what. A little help will be a super big help if we worked together fight for our rights. I know, my vocab is limit because I’m not a real UK and US people. I’m Indonesian, anyway. But I hope you can send a lot of messages to people better than me.
16th-year-old girl.
Me and Palestinian.


  1. Tetaplah berjuang palestina, doa kami selalu bersama kalian :))